Huna- Riyadh Park 2019 Projects

Executing the entire project works which was constructed on over 1000m2 retail space. Construction of the project includes:- 1) MEP and Decoration drawings 2) Constructing a Mezzanine structural floor 3) Wood, gypsum works 4) Executing a speciality coffee area 5) Executing co-working spaces 6) Executing main training theater 7) Executing Meeting rooms 8) Executing MEP works 9) Executing Huna’s facade with a mix of metal mesh and signboards 10) Greenery implementation of Huna’s site 11) Custom made concrete flooring 12) Circular staircase to The mezzanine floor 13) Floor to ceiling Painted Gypsum board partitions 14) Full lighting of Huna 15) Implementing CCTV and sound system for Huna
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